City Weekly: August 25, 2017

City Weekly

Another long week of roofing, at least that is what it has sounded like.

Public Works / Streets / Utilities Sewer Video and Clean Contract

The City of Edgewater has contracted with a vendor to provide yearly maintenance for the sanitary sewer system. Through this maintenance, the vendor (Pro Pipe), videos and cleans the entire sanitary sewer system. The video is analyzed by both the vendor and City Engineer’s office and problem areas are highlighted. Although the requirement for this service is every three years (per utility insurance requirements), the City is being proactive to make sure issues with the system can be identified before they become a problem. This maintenance also helps provide long term planning for repairs and upgrades to the system. Video and cleaning is provided to main lines only and will not affect residential service lines or taps. The vendor will be working between manholes, primarily in alley ways but within a few streets. The work should not provide for any full closures and the crew will work with residents needing access to areas that are temporarily blocked by this maintenance. Please call 720-763-3012 for any additional questions or concerns with the project.

Eaton / Depew Alley Storm Drain Project

The City of Edgewater is working with a vendor to install a new storm drain system in the 2000 block alley between Eaton St. and Depew St. This block is very flat and stagnant water has become a major issue. The new system will pipe the stagnant water down to 20th Ave. Following the sewer installation the City of Edgewater will mill and overlay the alley that has been deteriorated by this water over time. Our anticipated start date for this project is September 18th. Residents in the area will receive more up to date notices as project starts. Please call 720-763-3012 for more information or any concerns with this project. Water Hydrant Flushing: The Public Works Department will be flushing fire hydrants in September throughout Edgewater. The flushing will not cause any service interruptions but may cause some discoloration in water, temporarily. When we exercise valves, some time we have discoloration or even bubbles in the water system. If you have any discoloration that lasts longer than a few minutes of running water, please contact the City of Edgewater at 720-763-3012.

Water Meter Reading

As everyone knows (or not) the City of Edgewater reads water meters on the third week of each month. Edgewater staff accesses each property to read a remote sensor attached to the property, unless the property has a pit meter. The readings only take a few seconds before staff moves to the next home. Meter readers wear logoed reflective vests so they are easily identified. We ask that remotes are in a dog free and accessible location. This time of year, we find a lot of remotes hidden behind late summer landscape growth or new fences. If you have any interest in the location of this remote or have any questions about the process please call 720-763-3005.

Parks and Recreation

Don’t forget, 2017 Edgewater Community Picnic will be held on Saturday, August 26th from 6pm to 9pm. We will have live music from Rhythm Rampage, Youth Dance performances, hot dogs donated by Wheat Ridge Poultry, and sausages donated from Caninos Sausage. Bring a blanket and grab a spot on the grass. We will also have a jumpy castle for kids, Edgewater Farmers Market vendors will be on hand, Edgewater Library, and test your kicking speed with Edgewater Police department as they will have the radar gun out there for some fun games. Also, don’t forget to visit the Edgewater Civic Center table to provide some early feedback on programs and events for the new facility.

Civic Center Programming Open House

The Parks and Recreation Department has established a few dates for Civic Center programming open houses. The first of these meetings was originally scheduled for Thursday, August 24th at 6pm but has been moved to Wednesday, September 13th at 6pm. Staff will still present and take program comments at the Edgewater Community Picnic (8/26/17) as planned. The intention of these public meetings is to develop program plans for the new facility. These plans will assist with the equipment and staffing needs of the building.

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