Edgewater Police Report: 8/13–8/26/2017

Contact Persons:

Chief John Mackey

National Night Out – Community Picnic – Nextdoor – Neighborhood Watch

National Night Out and our Community Picnic were a big success!

Volunteer extraordinaire Pauline York contacted numerous attendees at the picnic and garnered lots of support for our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lorenzo Rendon to follow-up on.

The speed radar trailer once again proved to be popular among both kids and adults. There was a steady line of participants throughout the evening and we saw lots of athletes throwing and kicking for their personal bests – great job! Thank you Volunteer Frank Kyper for fine-tuning our radar system to allow it to track the speeds of both baseballs and soccer balls!

The Edgewater Police Department’s Nextdoor Beat System which was selected as one of the TOP SEVEN NEW PROGRAMS in the United States for 2017 was displayed to residents – those who signed up on site will be contacted by Volunteer Lorenzo shortly. Thank you for your help in working to make our community safer!

Incidents this reporting period:

On 8/21 at approximately 0205 AM, three (3) suspects wearing hoodies, gloves and masks drove a white Jeep Cherokee (KQJ-492 stolen out of Edge Water) through front doors of Cabelas in Thornton. The suspects were in and out in under 2 minutes.

The suspects made off on foot through a field with a large amount of firearms.   Thornton PD and ATF Special Agents recovered one (1) firearm and a Cabelas Pistol stand from the field.

On 8/24 one of the stolen firearms from Cabelas was located during an altercation in Denver involving a Black Male, approximately 20 yoa and driving a white or silver Chevy Cobalt or Cavalier with a temporary tag. The vehicle had a very small spare tire on one of the front wheels – please notify dispatch at 303-277-0211 if you see this vehicle.

Four domestic violence cases and arrests this reporting period.

Second degree assault and arrest involving a machete at Walker Branch Park.

Felony violation of protection order and arrest.

4 shoplifting cases and arrests including a warrant and extradition to Ohio for Distribution of Heroin and associated arrest on possession of fraudulent financial devices.

Recovered Ford F-250 pick-up truck at Target.

Stolen Honda Accord from the 2500 block of Ames St.

One of the above domestic violence cases involved two separate assaults. On the first case Edgewater Officers responded and placed the offender in jail, although the offender was released on a personal recognizance bond and came back to assault the victim a second time. Edgewater Officers again responded to the scene and arrested the offender and placed the arrestee in jail on multiple felonies.

Want to make your neighborhood safer

The Edgewater Police Department’s Nextdoor Beat Cop Program was selected as one of the top 7 programs in the United States by the Nextdoor selection team for 2017. If you’re concerned about crime in your neighborhood there is no better free program available to us than Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch coordination is nothing more than getting to know your neighbors and passing along information that the police department provides to you about the calls for service in your specific neighborhood.

Please consider inviting your neighbors to participate in Nextdoor Edgewater and contacting our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lorenzo – volunteers@edgewaterpd.com  to get more information on Neighborhood Watch and making your neighborhood safer. Working together we can make a difference in deterring crime – thank you!

Calls for Service

911 Emergency Calls         16                   Year to date              239

Welfare Checks                   10                   Year to date              122

Alarm Calls                           6                      Year to date              129

Calls this period                   385                 Year to date              6,607

Thank you neighbors for notifying our dispatch center at 303-271-0211 for the many calls and for our Edgewater Officers for their fine work!

Traffic Statistics

Number of Traffic stops this week                        57

Number of Traffic stops year to date                    2,005


Not available as of time of this report

Arrest Statistics

Arrests for July         31                              Arrests year to date             248

Stolen Vehicles

Stolen:           The top five vehicle thefts for the metro area during the month of August::

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Honda Accord
  3. Subaru Imprezza
  4. Subaru Legacy
  5. Ford F-250

Radar Trailer

Volunteer Frank Kyper will be placing the radar trailer in in the 2100 block of Harlan St. this week. If you are interested in having the radar trailer put in your neighborhood, please contact the Police Volunteer Line – Volunteers@Edgewaterpd.com  If you’re interested in assisting with traffic speed control in your community we are in need of additional volunteers for this program – please contact Frank Kyper at the Volunteer email address listed.

Nextdoor and Neighborhood Watch are Growing!

Our tremendous volunteer, Lorenzo Rendon has done an exceptional job in his first year as Neighborhood Watch Coordinator. Lorenzo has spoken to many of you and is arranging block meetings for the summer. As we begin to identify and sign our Neighborhood Watch Blocks, we will also begin the process of comparing crime statistics in Watch Blocks compared to all other blocks. The NW program has historically been extremely successful in deterring crime, and I’m certain it will do the same for Edgewater. Our Edgewater Police Department Volunteers are researching methods to increase our Neighborhood Watch participation and participation in Nextdoor Edgewater. Both of these programs allow us to communicate more efficiently with residents for civic events and crime prevention purposes. Please consider inviting your neighbors to participate in Nextdoor Edgewater and contacting our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Lorenzo – volunteers@edgewaterpd.com  to get more information on making your neighborhood safer.

Thank You Notes from Neighbors – Kudo’s

Sergeant Cathie Lovato reached her twenty five year milestone with the City of Edgewater Police Department – congratulations to Cathie and thank you for your service to the Edgewater community!

Thank you to our outstanding police volunteers, Frank Kyper, Lorenzo Rendon, Dave Suter, and Joel Newton for the countless hours they are contributing to making our community and city a safer place to live, work and play! Chief Mackey

We had two initial complaints this reporting period:

The first complaint involved a resident that was upset about the fireworks and indicated that there had not been notice about the community picnic fireworks. This complaint was resolved successfully after showing the neighbor the multiple efforts that were made to notify residents of the annual community picnic.

The second complaint involved a neighbor and resident that was witness to a domestic assault. The neighbor indicated that police responded but did not take a report and that the victim was living in fear of the offender. An investigation showed that there was an arrest on the initial case although the suspect was released on a personal recognizance bond by the courts and came back a second time to assault the victim. Edgewater Officers again responded to the scene a second time and again subsequently arrested the offender and placed her in jail on multiple felonies. The original neighbor was advised and was extremely pleased with the results.

Neighbor’s notes and “Kudo’s” are placed in the lobby of the police station and placed in the respective officer’s personnel files – thanks for sharing!

Upcoming Community Events:

September 4 City Offices Closed

September 7 City Council Meeting

September 20 Planning & Zoning

September 21 City Council Meeting

September 30 Community Garage Sale

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