Edgewater City Weekly: 9/15/2017

From the City of Edgewater:

Gold Crown

Gold Crown Foundation is progressing through the renovation project at 2501 Chase St. as scheduled. To date we have completed the replacement of the roof, leveling the interior floor, running initial plumbing lines, elevator shaft install, main entry stair case install, and framing on the 2nd level. Over the next few weeks we will be running services (utilities, water, sewer, etc.), finishing the framing, and initiating the mechanical and electrical installation. We also anticipate, in October, to be installing the elevator, finishing internal plumbing and electrical, as well as installing the west 2nd floor entry point. It is anticipated that we should be wrapping things up in late October and submitting for our final CO at that time. If everything remains on schedule, we expect to be open for students in early November, at which time we will be planning for a Grand Opening event and a public open house. We can’t thank the City and residents of Edgewater enough for their support and patience as we continue to work on this community based project!

HEALthy Edgewater

Edgewater Walks: Edgewater Walks has begun! This campaign designed to get Edgewater residents up and moving during the month of September is led by HEALthy Edgewater. Join the fun by registering for the challenge. You’ll get a weekly email with tips and news about the importance of daily physical activity, as well as a free t-shirt if you haven’t participated in the past. Also, be sure and check out the events page for a listing of group walks led by Edgewater community members. Coming out to a group walk is a great way to get some activity and meet new people. Check it out at www.edgewaterwalks.com or HEALthy Edgewater on Facebook.

City Clerk’s Office

Election: Election Season is in Full Swing!

We have several residents who are interested in serving their community and are running for a seat on the Edgewater City Council. Their names are listed below in the order they will appear on the November Election Ballot.

Mayor Candidates (1 available seat)

Todd Riddle
Grant Babb
Laura Keegan
Bonnie McNulty

City Council Candidates (3 available seats)

Cory Reid-Vanas
Darrin Levy
John Beltrone
Caleb Rountree
Virgie Carr
Janet Spangenberg

Please remember, that during Election Season, September 1, 2017 – November 15, 2017, the City cannot regulate the number of Political Signs a person posts or the content of the signs. However, they must be in compliance with the City’s Sign Code found in Article 19 of the City of Edgewater’s Municipal Code.

Public Works / Streets / Utilities

Fall Clean-Up Event: The City of Edgewater provides two clean-up events each year. Both events consist of an alley way pick-up and a one-day large item drop-off. The alley pick-up will be on Monday, October 2nd, with items required to be placed for pick-up by 7:00am on the 2nd; and the drop-off date is Saturday, October 7th from 9am -1pm at 22nd & Benton St. Please visit the City web site for a list of materials that will be taken at the event and additional details. For questions please call 720-763-3012.

Meter Reading: Meter reading week is upon us yet again. City water meter readers will be out walking the neighborhood next week. Please make sure the meter reading sensor is accessible and located in dog free areas. If you have need assistance with locating the sensor, please don’t hesitate to ask the reader or please call 720-763-3012 to set up an appointment.

Parks and Recreation

Community Garage Sale: The Edgewater Community Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, September 30th. The City of Edgewater will provide additional signage and marketing for your garage sale at no cost to you. Please visit www.playedgewater.com or call 720-763-3010 to register your address.

Civic Center

Ground Breaking Ceremony: The City of Edgewater and NV5 (Civic Center Owner’s Representative) are planning a Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the Edgewater Civic Center on Saturday, September 23rd at 10am on the location of the future building (1810 Harlan St.). Please join us for a brief presentation followed by the ceremonial ground breaking. Looking forward to getting this project in the ground!

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