Mayor Pro-Tem Todd Riddle Announces Bid for Edgewater Mayor

Press Release from Edgewater Mayoral Candidate Todd Riddle:

Edgewater is prepared for change this Fall as new positions open up to serve the citizens. Todd Riddle, current Edgewater City Council member and Mayor Pro Tem announces his candidacy for the position of Mayor. In addition to his two terms serving City Council, Riddle currently serves on the Edgewater Redevelopment Authority, previously served on Planning and Zoning Commission, and represented Edgewater on the Board of Director’s for Denver Regional Council of Governments and the Metro Vision Issues Committee.

“I am not a one or two issue candidate nor do I make decisions along party lines,” said Riddle. “I will champion for all the issues important to the success of this community. Together we will prioritize our goals relating to responsible development, safety, sustainability, and mobility”.

“I believe Todd is the only candidate for our city’s Mayor,” said Myra Keeble, Edgewater City Council member, “After working with him on Council for six years, I see the pragmatic way he makes his decisions and how he truly wants to engage the community.”

Growing up in Kansas gave Riddle a deep affection for that area of the country, but he doesn’t regret his move to Colorado to follow a job and the lure of the mountains. After living in Denver for a short time he then settled in Edgewater in 1997, looking for a place to raise his daughter. While working as a Creative Director and Visualization Lead at an Architectural and Engineering firm Riddle watched as Edgewater quickly grew and changed. It was then that he became interested in affecting change in his home city. He has been with his company for 14 years and enjoys helping his firm win key transportation projects in Colorado and neighboring states.

For more information visit, email or find him on Twitter or Facebook.


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