Laura Keegan: Edgewater Mayor Candidate

From Laura Keegan:

Hello, My name is Laura Keegan. I’m running for the office of Mayor of Edgewater.

I have served on City Council for over 8 years as well as for ten years as president of two other organizations. I have the necessary experience to lead council meetings, work with our public, our staff and other communities to continue making Edgewater a progressive and viable city. I’m knowledgeable about the workings of government. I’m a strong leader devoted to maintaining the uniqueness that is Edgewater.

My parents built their home here in 1956. My dad is 97 and still living in that home. As a young adult, I bought a house in Edgewater and chose to raise my three sons here. As Edgewater became an increasingly transient city, I never forgot the community I grew up in. I wanted to help bring about the changes needed to make Edgewater a closely knit, thriving city again. To that end, in 2008, I walked door to door to help ensure passage of a new form of government where Edgewater would be managed by a knowledgeable city manager with the ability to follow government procedures and to secure that Edgewater could remain a viable, well planned for city.

I was appointed to council in Feb of 2009, then was elected to two full terms. I’ve been an active council member, not only attending council  meetings addressing issues,  but introducing and carrying ordinances such as the first recycling ordinance, the smoking ordinance, the group home ordinance, the rental registration and renters right ordinances. All of these have made our community a better place to live, work and visit. I have worked to help make our city the place where families and businesses are choosing to stay as Edgewater grows and prospers.  Before serving as a councilor, I spent many years working in the community and attending council meetings.

Edgewater is not on the edge of change; but has for the past several years been in the throes of well planned and prepared for change, growth and diversity. These and future preparations have and will make our city sustainable for generations.

I have worked diligently for the citizens who elected me to be their voice. I will continue to do this as Mayor. I have not and will not quit when I know an issue will help build a stronger community. I will continue to research issues, educate and work to improve our city always knowing that we, as a council and city, must work as a team

It will be an honor to serve and to represent Edgewater as Mayor. I’ll be a voice to ensure that our citizens and businesses are represented and that Edgewater is the best it can and the best it should be.  We must face change responsibly while remaining true to our core value—that community is, and always must be, our strength.

I can be reached at: laurakeeganformayor@gmail. com

Remember that we need your voice, please vote.

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