Thank You for Your Service to Edgewater: Todd Riddle

In a small town like ours there are public servants who seek the good of our community and we love to spotlight them. This month brings the end of Todd Riddle’s service to Edgewater on City Council. As new City Council members transition into their roles, we asked Todd to reflect on his time on City Council.

1. What did you love most about serving on City Council?

At the top of my list would be the personal connections that I made with members of this community, some through a moment of crisis and others not.

I also loved working through all the tough issues, it was not easy, but those are defining moments for our community. Strategizing on projects like 20th & Depew, the new Civic Center, and even those not so sexy infrastructure improvement projects also hold a spot on my list of things that I loved about City Council.

2. What will you miss?

I’ll miss working with the some of the best peers, staff, and community members that anyone in an elected position could ask for. I’ll miss that nervous knot in my stomach before every meeting, wondering if I had prepared enough. I’ll miss the phone calls and e-mails asking me questions about the latest rumors twirling around the city. I’ll miss the opportunity to learn something from each person in Council chambers on Thursday nights. Yes, you guessed it, I will miss a lot about not being on City Council, it has been an incredible journey and a big part of my life for the last 6+ years.

3. What is your advice for new City Council members?

Be prepared and engaged, have courage in your convictions and be responsible for your actions. Remember that this is a non-partisan environment and decisions should be made based on the needs of this community and nothing else. Now is the time when you will prove your worthiness of the power the people have given you (no pressure), step forward and be leaders for this community.

4. Any other thoughts or comments?

To be a small part of big change in our community was an amazing feeling. I walk away standing tall and straight, feeling that my efforts made a difference for this community, I hope you do also.

Thank you everyone for your support, it has been an honor and privilege to serve you.

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