First Look Inside Almost Completed Edgewater Gold Crown Enrichment Clubhouse

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During the Edgewater Holiday Lighting, Gold Crown Enrichment opened up their new Clubhouse facility at 25th and Chase for an open house. Work to renovate the former church began earlier this year and is almost complete. Gold Crown staff are hoping that programming can start in January.

According to Gold Crown, “The Clubhouse mission is to provide a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communities work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology.”

The free program will be open to youth ages 10-18 and the environment encourages free exploration and creative problem solving. Students learn professional grade design software, coding, robotics, circuitry, game development, video and music production, 3D modeling, illustration, industrial and fashion design, all within a safe environment.

Click here to learn more about Gold Crown Enrichment and the Edgewater project.

2 Comments on "First Look Inside Almost Completed Edgewater Gold Crown Enrichment Clubhouse"

  1. Thank you, Joel and Edgewater Collective, for being on our kids’ side in a state that provides inadequate support for education and as national leaders cripple public education.

  2. Thanks Pam. City of Edgewater staff and HJ especially should be thanked for their investment in Gold Crown.

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