Throwback Thursday: Santa Rides with the Edgewater Fire Department

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The first Santa Tony Noll visits an Edgewater child on Christmas Eve

One of the great traditions in Edgewater involves Santa hitching a ride with the Edgewater Fire Department on Christmas Eve. Santa rides around town on the fire truck and delivers presents to Edgewater children. Parents leave presents on the doorstep and Santa brings them into the kids.

This tradition began in 1934 when Tony Noll began dressing up as Santa and going around town in his own car. Then in 1952, he began hitching a ride on the fire truck and continued this tradition until 1959. Since then, Edgewater Fire Department and now the West Metro Fire Protection District members have continued this special tradition.

Here is a poem by fireman Fred Rudman titled “Warm Thoughts” about this great tradition:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town

Not an intersection was crowded

There was no one around

When up came a siren and commotion galore

And all thought that Santa must be next door

The fireman were out spreading joy once again

Letting all people know that they were their friend

Santa is coming!

Not through the chimney or roof did Santa roam

But on an old Dodge did he come to each home

Bringing good cheer and joy

And always some toys

Santa is there for all girls and boys

Thanks to all those who make it so bright

On this warm and wonderful Christmas Eve night

The picture above and historical details are from “Edgewater, Colorado: A Centennial Celebration” by Celora Jean Jones and Connie Jo Fox.

We’ve also compiled holiday memories from longtime Edgewater residents here.

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  1. I would LOVE to know which firemen played Santa over the years

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