Throwback Thursday: KIMN Radio in Edgewater


The south side of Ames and 20th Avenue once held the pathway to success for many radio legends in Colorado. The site that is now occupied by T-Mobile and Edgewater Modern Dentistry once was the home of KIMN Radio.

KIMN broadcasted from 950 AM. KIMN was located in Edgewater for over 30 years until it was purchased in 1984 by the development that would become the Edgewater Marketplace.

On Friday, January 26, the Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado will induct new members into their Hall of Fame. Edgewater City Councilman Steve Conklin serves as the President of this organization. Three of this year’s inductees came through KIMN Radio in Edgewater.

Here are this year’s Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado (BPC) Hall of Fame inductees along with their bios from BPC:

Chuck Buell, whose radio career began in 1956 building a Knight-Kit Single Watt Transmitter and soon after going to work at KRSD Rapid City. In the 60’s and again in the 80’s Buell was a key part of KIMN. In Colorado, he’d also worked at stations including KDAB (1963) and Y-108 (1983-1986). He also was on legendary stations including WLS Chicago, KFRC San Francisco and KMOX St. Louis.

LeRoy Smith: Smith hosted a late night R&B show starting in 1948 on KFEL and through the station’s transition to KIMN. He owned a record store and sporting goods shop in 5 Points. He is one of the first African American announcers in Colorado.

Don Roberts was a longtime personality and newsman in Denver. His first radio job was as a disc jockey and newsman in Cumberland Maryland. He moved to Grand Junction in 1948, working at KFXJ Radio. In 1952, he returned to the east, and became the top personality in Keene, N.H. , staying until 1956. when he joined KIMN Radio in Denver.

He was a featured radio personality on stations including KIMN, KOA, KLZ, KEZW, KAAT and KKBB. We was a longtime spokesperson for Western Federal Savings (later known as Bank Western).

His distinctive voice was heard on radio before making the move to TV, working on both KLZ and KOA. In the early 1980s he was talent on KKBB radio.

Let you know your best KIMN memories below in the comments.

*Correction was made to the history and timeline of KIMN in Edgewater

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  1. Dave Bogart | Jan 31, 2018 at 9:07 am | Reply

    The KIMN that signed on as KLIR in 1959 is not the same KIMN that broadcast from Edgewater. They weren’t related at all. When the original KIMN was euthanized in 1987 the call letters were up for grabs. A Ft. Collins station got them but soon after gave them up. That’s when KLIR took them over and still has them but only identifies as KIMN once an hour when they’re required to by the FCC. No station could duplicate what 95 KIMN did and it was stupid to try; just as stupid as the decision was to kill off KIMN in the first place.

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