Gold Standard Building and City Council Vacancy: February 2018 City Council Meeting

Updated design of the Edgewater Civic Center

The Edgewater City Council meeting on February 2, 2018 brought exciting news on the construction of the Edgewater Civic Center. During the Work Session, representatives from D2C Architects|NV5 shared design and construction updates on the new construction at 1810 Harlan Street. They shared the following construction schedule for the Civic Center:

  1. Demolition started October 30, 2017
  2. Construction started December 5, 2017
  3. Currently waterproofing basement walls
  4. Metal building install – February 22 to April 12
  5. Roofs all complete – May 23
  6. Envelope complete – June 11
  7. Interior work – to end August
  8. Building complete – September 2018

Representatives from D2C Architects|NV5 also shared that the new Edgewater Civic Center will meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification standards for energy efficiency and green construction. Below is the checklist for LEED certification.

Council Vacancy Remains Unfilled

At the January 4, 2018 Edgewater City Council meeting, Councilor Kara Swanson resigned from City Council. There had been concerns from a couple community members about her repeated absences from Council meetings in 2017.

Kara Swanson explained her resignation from Council, “Many people attempt to ‘have it all’ in their lives, with different definitions of what that actually means. For me, it is balancing family, my career, and other commitments, such as serving on Edgewater City Council. In 2017, these commitments often (and too many times) overlapped. Unfortunately, my council duties lost out more often than not, which is the reason I resigned my position on council in January. While 2018 will be more balanced and calmer for me, the integrity of council is not something I take lightly. If you have concerns or questions for current council members, I encourage you to reach out to get to know them as individuals. They’re here to serve the community but are all balancing their lives as well.”

According to the Edgewater City Charter, “For purposes of this section 3.6, a Council member shall be deemed to be derelict in his or her duties of he or she fails to attend thirty percent (30%) or more if the regularly scheduled meetings of Council held in any twelve month period.”

The Charter also lays out the process of filling vacancies:

Per City Charter 3.6(4)(a), Vacancies occurring within the first one hundred eighty (180) days following an election. If a vacancy occurs in the office of Council member within the first one hundred eighty (180) days following an election, Council shall act to fill the vacant seat by appointment. Appointments shall be made as follows, and the term of such appointment shall last only until the next regular municipal election:

(a) At the next regular Council meeting following the declaration of a vacancy, or as soon as practicable thereafter, Council shall act to appoint to the vacant seat the candidate who received the highest number of votes but who did not qualify to earn a Council member seat at the last election.

Because of the absence of the City Attorney at last night’s Council meeting, Council did not proceed in filling the Council vacancy.

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