Edgewater PD Awarded Vale Board Grant

Contact person: Chief John Hough

Contact telephone number: 720-763-3000

On April 29, 2014 the Edgewater Police Department was notified that its grant application to the Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (VALE) Board for the First Judicial District was approved. The Department had requested $4353 in grant funds to create a “soft” room in the police station for victims and witnesses, including children.

A “soft” room creates a dual purpose secure and comfortable environment in which victim advocates can interact with victims and witnesses in a manner that is best designed to minimize the stress and trauma associated with victimization while at the same time allowing investigating officers to effectively conduct interviews to gather and document critical information for arrests and prosecutions.

Before the grant funding was approved, the Edgewater Police Department was one of only two law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County that did not provide a dedicated “soft” room within the police building. On July 1, 2014 that will change when the Department receives the grant funds.

The grant funds will be used to purchase reasonably priced furnishings, including a sofa, loveseat, end table and lamp, and a television set with an integrated DVD player, all with the intent of making victims, witnesses and especially children more secure and comfortable at the police station. In addition, the grant funds will be used to purchase an audio video recording system and cameras to document interviews with victims and witnesses. The furnishings and the audio video system will accomplish the goal of creating a safe, secure and comfortable environment for victims, witnesses and their families, especially children, that should last for many years.

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