Does Edgewater Need Another Pot Shop?

New dispensary at 20th and Harlan

New dispensary at 20th and Harlan

Edgewater currently has four marijuana dispensaries in its less than one square mile boundary. These dispensaries are bringing in great tax revenues for the City of Edgewater and our police department has not been burdened by their presence. The owners and operators run quality businesses.

Another pot shop is opening soon as you can see from the picture above. The Green Solution is currently updating the old laundromat space at 25th and Harlan and hopes to open soon.

At the last Edgewater Planning and Zoning meeting, it was announced that another dispensary is in the planning and zoning process with the City of Edgewater. Native Roots is hoping to open at 5610 20th Avenue (20th and Depew) which was formerly Alpha Sign. This location is just south of Edgewater Elementary School and each day many students pass this location on their way to school. The federal government has been cracking down on dispensaries that are within 1000 feet of a school. This proposed dispensary is just over 700 ft from the school.

If Native Roots succeeds in opening, Edgewater will have six marijuana dispensaries.

Does Edgewater really need six pot shops?

One of the goals within Edgewater’s 2013 Comprehensive Plan was the following:



• On a periodic basis, conduct a retail “void” analysis to understand Edgewater’s retail market and revenue loss due to regional competition, identify expenditures and retail categories which can be brought into Edgewater.
• Tailor retail economic development efforts to meet the needs of those retailers who can complement, rather than compete with, Edgewater’s existing retail base.

It seems we have enough dispensaries, fast food restaurants, bars and hair salons in Edgewater. How do we seek a full-service array of retail and service opportunities? What is the role of us as citizens to speak up and seek more diverse retail options here in Edgewater?

Do we need another dispensary? What would you like to see in the space at 20th and Depew that Native Roots is currently seeking to occupy?


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  1. Connie Jo Fox | Sep 13, 2014 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    It appears history is repeating itself….turn of the 20th century it was saloons…now it’s pot shops. Not a good image then….not a good image now. Sad!

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