Jefferson Plan Update for Our Local Schools

On Thursday, February 19, Jeffco Schools staff and local principals provided an update to the Jeffco School Board on the Jefferson Plan to reorganize our local schools in an effort to raise student achievement.

Here are some of the important pieces within the update:

  • A specific wing at Jefferson High has been designated as the 7/8 grade area.
  • 4-5 Campus Supervisors will be present in the hall during passing periods, arrival and dismissals to ensure safety. Teachers and administrators will also be present in the hallways during these time periods.
  • PE and lunch periods will be separated to keep lower grades separate from higher grades.
  • Mentor programs will be in place to pair new students with¬†upperclassman to make for better transitions.
  • Stevens Elementary will transition to become part of the Wheat Ridge Articulation Area with students transitioning to Everritt Middle School and then Wheat Ridge High School. The Gifted and Talented Program will move to Everritt Middle School.
  • The Jefferson Plan does not assume the use of Innovation Status, but it could become an option if teachers and staff decide it is necessary. This decision must be done collaboratively with staff, leadership and the community.

You can view the updated presentation to the board here.

Jeffco Schools leadership will hold a Community Meeting on Wednesday, February 25 from 6-7:30 pm in the Jefferson High Library. The School Board will vote on the plan at the next meeting on Thursday, March 5.

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