Edgewater Road Construction on 26th Avenue This Summer

Have you noticed the road construction signs on 26th Avenue? Edgewater is replacing a 60 year old water line along 26th Avenue this summer. This follows many other utility system improvements over the past few years.

Here is the letter from the City of Edgewater Community Services explaining the improvements and the road construction taking place this summer:

Edgewater Utility Customer,

As we move into warmer months, the City of Edgewater would like to update you on a few improvements to your utility systems, as well as inform you of upcoming improvements for the 2015 year. The City of Edgewater has taken large steps to improving our dated utility infrastructure through the past few years and has plans to continue to improve in years to come.

The goal of utility system improvements is to make the systems more efficient, reliable, minimize maintenance and extend the longevity of the system.

Increased Pipe at Back-up Locations (2012)
The City of Edgewater increased the line dimension of a major pipe in the system in 2012. The increased dimension has already proved to ease the increased flow and prevent potential back-ups.

Sewer Lining (2012 -2014)
Over the last three years, the City of Edgewater has lined all of the main lines within the sewer system with PVC. This liner will extend the life by up to fifty (50) years, of the original clay line, as well as improve flow through the sanitary lines to minimize the risk of backups.

Water Meter Trade (2011 -2013)
The City of Edgewater undertook a large project to trade out older meters for new remote reading meters starting in 2011. This project saw the trade of just over 1,000 of the 1,500 meters in the system. The trade out has proven to make the system more efficient, fair, accurate and reliable.

Lead Line Replacements (2009 – 2014)
Over the span of the past five years the City of Edgewater has worked to replace failing lead service lines within the system. Lead lines have not only become obsolete due to the inability to repair but also have reached end of their useable life. As lead lines rupture the City of Edgewater has been replacing these lines from the main line into the valve box in the Public Right of Way.

Lead Line Proactive Replacement (2015)
The City of Edgewater will begin a process this spring to remove and replace all lead service lines within the City owned system in 2015. In 2014 we audited all of the lines and will be hiring a contractor to remove and replace over two-hundred (200) of them in 2015. Property owners will have the opportunity to replace lead service lines within their property at the same time, at their own expense, but at a favorable rate from our contractor.

Pipe Replacement (Anticipated in 2015)
Our sewer line inspection has found another weak section in our system that we anticipate taking care of in 2015. The section of pipe is between Eaton St. and Chase St. underneath 25th Ave. Unfortunately earlier remedies were unsuccessful in fixing the issue without trenching the street and replacing the pipe. The City is optimistic that this project will be undertaken in 2015 by trenching and replacing this pipe.

26th Ave. Water Line Replacement (2015)
The City of Edgewater will be replacing the sixty (60) year old five-thousand (5,000) foot water line underneath 26th Ave. in 2015. Currently the line is a six inch ductile iron line with very few valves for isolation. A new eight inch line will be replacing the old line with isolation valves at each mid-block. This will not only increase the capacity of water in our system but will also give us the ability to isolate leaks without shutting down a large portion of the system. We expect major traffic closures throughout the construction of this project along 26th Ave. this spring. We are also anticipating a street overlay for 26th Ave. following the line replacement project.

We are very optimistic that improvements will provide better more efficient service to all of our customers. If you have any questions about utility system improvements please feel free to call 720-763-3012 or email dmaples@edgewaterco.com.

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