Edgewater City Council Candidate Spotlight: Kara Swanson



Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in the Midwest and my husband and I moved to Colorado in 2006 and bought a house in Edgewater in 2007. We were drawn to the small town feel of the city even though it is close to the “big city”. We now have two young children, ages 6 and 3. I work as an environmental planner for a large transportation engineering firm in downtown Denver. In 2008, I joined the Edgewater Redevelopment Authority and have enjoyed getting to know people in the City!

In my spare time, I like cooking, reading, and spending time with my family outside. I recently started running, much to the dismay of my knees!

Why are you running for City Council?

I am running for City Council because it’s the next step for me in staying involved in our changing community. I look forward to working with other council members on important issues such as smart development and the safety of our citizens.

What are the biggest opportunities facing Edgewater?

We are at a critical tipping point for our city. We can’t expand out, so what we do within our city limits must be carefully thought within the context of our existing Comprehensive Plan and Urban Renewal Plan. The site at 20th and Depew still remains our biggest opportunity to commit to a sales-tax generating business that will enhance the character of the City.

What are the biggest challenges for our city?

I think one of the biggest challenges is what I mentioned above- the limits of how Edgewater can grow. Parking is a big, big issue on the east side of town. The more great business we draw to the City, the more people will come, along with their cars.

Why should we vote for you?

I care deeply about the City and am committed to listening to the citizens of Edgewater and working toward solutions for our City that represent the direction in which we could like Edgewater to move. I think conflict can be a good thing; one of my favorite things to do is to work with people to find consensus on a difficult issue. Sometimes the best solutions are discovered through “conflict”!

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