Edgewater Business Spotlight: Hoke Digital


In Edgewater we have a number of businesses that operate out of homes, known technically as “home occupations.” Today we are spotlighting Hoke Digital which operates out of Edgewater. You can visit their website here.

How did you get involved in this business?

I have spent my whole life involved in graphic design, multimedia and interactive design and now experiential design using digital displays. My childhood was spent helping create the typography on granite cemetery memorials. I came of age during the desktop publishing era and evolved with emerging digital media, the internet and most recently cloud-based web applications that drive content to any screen anywhere in the world. I have been trained by the best designers, art directors and producers from every media format and many creative disciplines. I bring over twenty years of experience in using media to educate and motivate.

What drew you to open a business in Edgewater?

I have been living in Edgewater since 2003. I am now operating my business out of my home office on Eaton Street. I love the small town vibe and access to great parks and shops.

What services/products do you offer?

I use wifi-enabled, smart LCD displays to playback custom, branded content using cloud-base content management system (CMS) software. I can create an set of food/retail menus that can be updated remotely in 60 seconds saving on reprint costs. I can create a colorful, animated display in a lobby or waiting room educating or enticing customers, visitors or employees. My product can be used in manufacturing to promote safety and quality control initiatives in manufacturing/warehousing environments by using simple, animated videos to grab attention and achieve retention. Digital signage is an emerging industry, just where I like to be, on the edge of the wave!

What makes your business unique?

I can help small businesses or large, profit or non-profit, customer-facing or employee-facing. By using cost-effective hardware and cloud-based software subscriptions, I can drive any message anywhere to anybody without the need for wires or on-site content servers. The value add for Hoke Digital is my background in creating experiences for museums like The Wildlife Experience and Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s Prehistoric Journey exhibit. Using concepts and processes from this background helps create a unique experience for my customers and creating experiences keep their customers coming back and new ones visiting.

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