Edgewater Book Nooks


Numerous Edgewater residents have been working to organize the Edgewater Book Nook project with the goal of promoting literacy and building community in Edgewater. At least two Book Nooks should be set up in March, just in time for spring.

“There are so many reasons I am excited to be a part of the Edgewater Book Nook project. Not only does it promote literacy, it also creates an atmosphere of neighborliness and community, and will hopefully inspire people to connect with each other through a common love of books,” shares Steering Committee member Deborah Casuto.

The dream of the committee is for Edgewater residents to share books and develop friendly neighborhood camaraderie via Book Nooks scattered throughout the city. Edgewater residents are invited to be creative and use repurposed materials to design a Book Nook that reflects the personality of their home or block.

As warm weather approaches, everyone can get involved. For those who aren’t inclined to construct their own Book Nook, they can donate new or used children’s, young adult and adult books. Books can be dropped off at the Edgewater Collective office at 5220 W. 25th Avenue. Or, if a person has a talent for building or construction, they can donate their time and expertise to help neighbors create their own Book Nooks. Recommendations and guidelines for putting up Book Nooks in Edgewater can be found at http://edgewatercollective.org/edgewater-book-nooks/.

For more info, email Jeanette Sanchez at sanchezjeanette@hotmail.com.

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