Edgewater Chili Cookoff with Lightway at Sloans


From Lightway at Sloans:

Okay Northwest Denver Chili Cookers or Tasters!!!!! Join us Saturday September 24th.
Drumroll please……. On September 24th, we are holding the 1st annual Chili Cook-off in the amazing Edgewater!!!

Lightway at Sloans and John Montgomery, head of the Colorado Cook-off Association for the past 25 years, have partnered to bring this EXCITING event to our wonderful community!

Best of all 100% of all money from registering and any donations will stay specifically in Edgewater to give back to our community who has been Lightway supporters and great neighbors.

It truly is such a fun and memorable day (whether you can cook or not!!) and the Lightway Girls have a lot of fun things planned that you wont want to miss!!

You can enter in the following ways (or any combination of categories):
1. Red Chili
2. Green Chili
3. SHOWMANSHIP- (Meg from Lightways favorite because she can dress up and bring on the fun!)

This specific chili cook-off is unique because the top three Colorado chili winners will automatically be qualified to go to the WORLD Championship in Terlingua, Texas which is held the first weekend in November 2016. If qualified, that is an event you won’t want to miss!!!

Entry Fees for Cooking
$15 to enter either red OR green chili
$25 to enter if cooking BOTH red and green chili
FREE for showmanship! 

Donation welcomed to come and taste

At the very least it is a great chance to get to know people better, show our crazy sides and just laugh and have a great time! Sign up soon so that we can start getting excited together!

For more information or to just SIGN UP, please email or call Meg Havens with Lightway.
Email: meg@lightwayatsloans.com Ph: 614-496-1364

Here are the basic cooking rules:
A. CHILI COOKED ON SITE- All chili must be cooked from scratch on site the day of the cookoff.
All chili must be prepared in the open at the cookoff site (no bringing chili from home or cooking in motorhomes, etc.).
B. CHILI COOKED FROM SCRATCH- “Scratch us defined as starting with raw meat. No marinating is allowed. Commercial chili powder is permissible, but complete commercial chili mixes (“Just add meat” mixes that contain premeasured spices) are NOT permitted.
C. NO FILLERS IN CHILI- Beans, macaroni, rice, hominy, or other similar ingredients are not permitted.
D. SANITATION- Cooks are to prepare and cook chili in as sanitary a manner as possible.
INSPECTION OF COOKING CONDITIONS- Cooking conditions are subject to inspection by the head judge.

The cooks can start setting up and cooking at 7am. Chili turn in time to the judges is at noon and noon is when the public can start tasting all the cooks’ chili. The award ceremony is at 3 pm. Also, the public can volunteer to be judges if they would like. Being a judge is a blast!! 

The event will be at Memorial Park on 25th right next to Lightway at Sloans. 25th Avenue will be closed in front of the park from Chase Street to the alley next to Lightway.

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