West Metro Launches Transparency Platform

From West Metro Fire:

West Metro Fire Rescue has launched a new online platform that provides unprecedented access to the fire district’s finances. The OpenGov platform transforms complex financial data into an interactive, digital format that allows anyone to see how taxpayer money is collected and spent.

“We’ve always been transparent and conservative with how we use tax dollars in providing life saving services to our district,” said Don Lombardi, Chief, West Metro Fire Rescue. “The OpenGov platform takes that one step further. It provides very detailed information, right down to the penny – instantaneously.”

The OpenGov platform displays information about West Metro’s spending and revenue in detail since 2011 in a user-friendly portal. Visitors, along with fire district staff, canview historical revenue and expenditure trends over time and explore multiple views of financial data, including by division, expense, or revenue type. They can also can get answers to frequently asked questions and then share that information directly from the platform via email or on social media.

“We have a commitment to efficient and open government,” said Lombardi. “And our move to OpenGov shows that West Metro wants to keep our residents and staff informed about our financial health and the future of our fire district.”

With the launch, West Metro Fire Rescue joins a growing list of more than 1,000 leading special districts, cities, counties, state agencies and school districts across the country that leverage OpenGov technology.


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