Mysterious Symbols on 25th Avenue


Walk around the eastern portion of 25th Avenue in Edgewater and you will notice mysterious symbols on the sidewalk. Running from Memorial Park to Sheridan, astrological symbols for the planets have been pressed into the concrete on the south side of 25th Avenue.

Astrological symbols for the planets

Astrological symbols for the planets

For more on which planet the symbols represent, check this Wikipedia article.

In 2002, a 6th grade class from Edgewater Elementary designed planet tiles along 25th Avenue in Edgewater. The project was dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 in the hopes that one day there would be peace on earth. The planets within the Solar System radiate in scale, eastward starting at Memorial Park. The project was completed with the help of local businesses and community members.

The planet tiles had lost their original color. They had to be sanded down because the ceramic tiles were slippery.

According to a news release from the City of Edgewater, “The City will be replacing the ceramic planets with a stamp of each planet’s symbol. The concrete stamps were donated by Woodcraft Unlimited, Inc. The ceramic tiles will be saved after removal for historical significance. ”

Community member Karen Hing played a big role in coordinating the new stamps and preserving the old tiles.


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