Baby Comes Early on an Edgewater Front Yard

Though Edgewater does not have its own hospital, the latest resident of Edgewater chose to come quickly so she could say she was born in Edgewater. Last night Lucia Sloan Pietari decided to enter the world on an Edgewater front yard.

Stacy Pietari went into labor quickly and couldn’t make it to the Mountain Midwifery birth center so dad, Kyle Pietari, drove them down the street to a friend’s home in Edgewater. Their friend Ellie had been listening to podcasts about fast labors, so Stacy figured she was the closest thing to an expert within a two-minute drive.

Mom couldn’t even make it inside the home, so Lucia was born in Ellie’s front yard in Edgewater. West Metro Fire Rescue officers showed up quickly after being called and they arrived with an EMT within six minutes of Lucia’s birth. Mom and baby were rushed to Lutheran Medical Center and both are doing well.

According to dad, “We’re excited that Lucia gets to have ‘Edgewater, Colorado’ listed as the place of birth on her birth certificate. I’m guessing that’s not very common.”

Congratulations to Edgewater’s newest resident!

3 Comments on "Baby Comes Early on an Edgewater Front Yard"

  1. Gaille Robertson | Mar 18, 2017 at 5:07 pm | Reply

    Big Congratulations To mom and dad! When you have your next one, you’d better go sleep in the hospital lobby for the last week or so! LOL

  2. Congratulation to our neighbors! So glad everyone is healthy and safe. Welcome Home Lucia!

  3. Betty L. Gonzales | Mar 19, 2017 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    Your neighbor across the street Bobby Gonzales delivered his son R.J. on 20th and Sheridan (Might add it was on the Edgewater side of the street)he quickly delivered his son and jumped in the car and drove to the old St. Anthony
    Hospital, the Edgewater Fire Dept. was looking all over for them. R.J. was not as lucky as Lucia, they listed his birth as Denver, Co. (R.J. was born Aug 28, 1991)

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