Edgewater Talent Show Winners

During the Edgewater Community Festival, three talented contestant groups performed for the first Edgewater Talent Show. Mira performed a dance routine, Clara and Sylvie sang an original song and Suniah sang a song from Phantom of the Opera.

In the end Edgewater Collective, with input from the parents, decided to have each contestant group share the prize money. Each contestant group will receive $50 for sharing their talents with the Edgewater community.

Congratulations to Mira, Clara, Sylvie and Suniah for your great performance!

Start practicing for next year’s Edgewater Talent Show which will be open to any Edgewater resident 12 and under or a student at Edgewater Elementary, Lumberg Elementary or Molholm Elementary.

Mira’s Performance

Clara and Sylvie’s Performance

Suniah’s Performance

Special thanks to Norah from Lumberg Elementary for shooting these videos!

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