College Jumpstart Day: Send Our Saints to College

Last fall Edgewater Collective launched an exciting program with community partners called College Jumpstart. This program helps seniors at Jefferson Jr/Sr High School in Edgewater connect with the right resources to finish high school and enter college in the fall. This spring 92 students graduated from Jefferson and 80% of them had college scholarships. Many of these students were the first one to graduate high school in their family. 

Many of these students participated in the excellent CareerPlus Mentoring program which Edgewater Collective provides funding for at Jefferson. They also went through job interview training and a job fair in the spring. During the summer graduates when through a College Jumpstart Week where they learned skills to succeed in college. Then throughout the summer, they met with mentors from the community and continued to jump through the hoops to enroll in college. Once they complete the first three weeks of college, they will be presented with a computer.

Edgewater Collective is excited to announce that College Jumpstart Day will be Wednesday, August 9. Their goal is to increase awareness of the program and raise the final $15,000 to provide funding for College Jumpstart by August 9. Already Edgewater Collective has raised almost $25,000 for this exciting program to send our Jefferson Saints to college.

Funds go toward:

    • Goodwill CareerPlus mentoring program: $10,000
    • Computer incentive for students who complete the first three weeks of college: $5,000

So mark you calendars for August 9 and College Jumpstart Day! 

Click here to learn more about College Jumpstart and donate:

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