Cory Reid-Vanas: Candidate for Edgewater City Council

From Cory Reid-Vanas:

Dear Neighbors, running for Edgewater’s City Council has been both exciting and rewarding. I have had the opportunity to speak with many of you at your homes and I have enjoyed hearing your ideas for Edgewater’s growth. In return, thank you for listening to my vision for continuing to move Edgewater in the right direction. Together we have an opportunity to ensure Edgewater maintains its special character and distinct qualities. The city of Edgewater is at an important juncture: this election will determine the leadership needed to continue Edgewater’s positive progress. As a small business owner and mental health professional, I bring a unique set of skills and experience that will add value and perspective to our city council.  You can expect me as your councilman to make the best decisions for our community and represent all citizens of Edgewater. I believe that our community will benefit from:

  1. Developing and maintaining our infrastructure;
  2. Fostering an environment that empowers small and local business;
  3. Enabling homeowners to update their homes with ease;
  4. Enhancing community resources and engagement; and
  5. Ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

Please consider voting for me for Edgewater’s City Council. Thank you again and I look forward to speaking with you as I continue to visit with community members leading up to election day. You can also reach me at




Cory Reid-Vanas

This election cycle we have published content sent to us from any of our local candidates.

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