Edgewater Police Honors Veterans in the Department

From Edgewater Police Chief John Mackey:

The Edgewater Police Department acknowledges the United States Veterans that work daily with us at The Edgewater Police Department this Veteran’s Day 2017 – United States Marine Corporal and Edgewater Police SRO Officer Ed McCallin and United States Air Force Staff Sergeant and Edgewater Police Officer Chad Slavin.

We owe you both a great debt for your service in defense of this nation to ensure that our democracy and the ideals of freedom and liberty are preserved;

We are pleased and honored to recognize your service and honored to have you as members of our team;

We wish to express our gratitude, appreciation and respect for you and all members of the armed forces who serve with honor under the most difficult circumstances and make sacrifices that many of us cannot begin to understand;

In light of Veterans Day, we want to honor your service to our nation, and respectfully present you with a service pin of the United States Marines and the United States Air Force that you may display proudly on your Edgewater Police Uniform.

The Edgewater Police Department wants to convey our thanks, gratitude and respect to those neighbors in our city who served in the armed forces, and for our Marines it’s November 10th and we extend our best wishes for a Happy Birthday Marines!

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