Edgewater City Weekly: February 9, 2018

From the City of Edgewater:

City Weekly

Public Works and Utilities

Syringes Found in Public Right of Way: Please contact either the Edgewater Police Department through dispatch at 303-271-0211 or Public Works On-Call at 720-989-5263 to report syringes found in public right of way. Used syringes will be disposed of in bio-hazard sharp receptacles.

Recycle Stickers: The City of Edgewater has new recycle stickers for recycle bins that show materials that are accepted through the program. If you are interested in a sticker or have a neighbor that may be interested, please stop by the front desk (2401 Sheridan Blvd.) and pick one up.

Code Enforcement

Removal of Animal Excrement: City Staff has received several reports of owners not picking up their dog excrement. Dog excrement is an increasing environmental concern affecting our health, the health of our animals and our overall quality of life. As a pet owner, please make sure you are cleaning up after your pet both on your property, other private property and public property.

Parks and Recreation

Youth Basketball: Youth Basketball registration is now up and running and will end March 2nd. Please register at www.playedgewater.com We will have a 5-6 year old age group, 7-9 year old age group and a 10-12 year old age group. Registration ends February 25th.

Adult Men’s and Co-ed Softball: Registration is underway. Each softball season is set for an 8-week season of league play followed by a single elimination tournament. The 2018 softball season will start the second week in April. $525 per team, 20 players per team on the roster. Registration ends April 1st.

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