Why Enroll in Edgewater Schools?

The decision on where to send our children to school is a big one. We want the best for our children and education is a large part of their development. As you consider where to send your children, we encourage you to look at enrolling them in their neighborhood Edgewater school.

Why enroll your child in their neighborhood school?

Greater Sense of Community

As children attend their neighborhood school, they have a greater connection with the kids and adults in their neighborhood. Their friends from school live close and they can see them as they walk to school. After school playdates are much easier when children live in the same neighborhood. Children also see volunteers and community members at school who live in their same neighborhood.


Children are increasingly growing up in a world that is diverse and multi-ethnic. Edgewater schools are blessed to be so diverse and children in the schools develop cultural proficiency as they interact with children from cultures different than their own. Children have a greater awareness of those who are from a different culture and are better citizens because of it.

Stronger Schools, Stronger Communities

Our Edgewater schools are improving and they need help from those in the community to continue this upward trend. As we enroll our children in our neighborhood school and invest in its success, our community becomes stronger.

Save Gas Money, Get Exercise

Enrolling your children in your neighborhood Edgewater school means you can walk your children to school. This saves gas money, helps the environment and you and your children get exercise.

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