Edgewater Walks Coming in September

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The Edgewater Walks Campaign is back this September with new events and group walking opportunities. Edgewater Walks is a 30-day program to challenge you to walk 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week with a chance to win prizes like gift cards and fitness gear for completing the program. Residents are encouraged to take the pledge to “Walk the Edge” during the entire month of September and record their progress along the way.

But you don’t have to walk to participate in this challenge. You can bike, run, swim, hike or garden. It doesn’t matter how you get your physical activity, the goal is to move your body more in order to improve your health, boost your mood and engage in your community.

Each Tuesday during the month of September, there will be a guided walk and event with folks like our local policeman and area businesses. Community walks are held every Tuesday in September beginning at 6:30 pm. Details will be posted at www.edgewaterwalks.com.

Some themes for this year’s group walks include:

  • Family Health & Safety Crawl and Bike Parade with giveaways
  • Garden Harvest Walk – bring a bag to fill with healthy produce from area gardens
  • Pub Crawl & more

Visit www.edgewaterwalks.com for all the program details and to register. Tell your family and neighbors to join and be part of the walking movement in historic and vibrant Edgewater! Take the Pledge to Walk the Edge!

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